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Welcome to ads atlas ( To using the online advertisement tool you need follow these rules. These rules should be effective from 1st April 2012 for ads atlas users and visitors.


  1. You can published the description and images of any product or business organization which one should be within law and order of the country rules where you doing business.
  2. To postage any material you need to follow the postal rules and online publication rules.


3.  As a condition you need to follow these rules not avoid the national and international law as maintaining the postage rules, post the trustful and truth material, maintain the third party right, do not publish any harmful article, misleading, malicious, discriminatory materials, pictures, programming languages which harm ads atlas and their users property, not to distribute, copy, edit the other persons content without their consent.


4. Not to use any content, picture from ads atlas to publishing other media without our written permission, also not to publish any material or picture which may affect persons social norms, privacy and against the country law.


5. As a user if you see any content may be harmful for the society, breaking any country rules, illegal activity, terrorism activities, offensive material you need to give the information to ads atlas through mail, ads atlas will remove the content which affect people’s norms. You will not allow engaging in unlawful, unauthorized products of multilevel marketing as pyramid scheme.


6. For publishing your information, logo, picture local market to global business you need to maintain the copyright law, you have to agree not to copy others material from any source and not to bully or harass any users at


7. Users need to follow the offers and prices which published our website; you need to agree with us for worldwide publishing benefits’.


8. Users or visitors not to right other users by telephoning, fax-no, web mails misuse; publish with others users information without their written agreement. Other hand any types of misleading information, hazards adsatlaswill not take any responsibility.


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