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This Privacy-Policy is mentioning only for for using the site as an user, visitors, ads atlas employees, representatives, agents, developers to upload, collection, transfer data, information’s, pictures for personals, organizations and products. These policies are the written agreement to get the facilities at; this is the combination package with Terms and Condition at This written agreement (Privacy-Policy with Terms and Condition) need to accept all the users, employees, visitors with



Our Collecting Information:


For normal visitors we are not collecting any information, but as a registered user we are collecting your organization name, organization type, organization sub type, organization address, post code, Country, State/ Region / Province/ County, City/ area, Organization Descriptions, Organization URL (to link with users referred webpage), Fax no, Image ( you can place your business logo),  Personal Information as Organizers name, Email ID, Mobile Number, Optional Contact No (land line/ other numbers), Business Registration No.( if any) , Gender, Age- group ( optional) and product plan what you are selecting and what’s the way you paying, you already paid or only normal users. At that point of view we is not keeping any card information, details for the paying users facility, for the transaction we are using third party tools as pay pal.



Our publishing Information:


We only publishing only organization and product descriptions to the other users and visitors as organization postal address, telephone no, Fax No, Organization name ( if personal business, person\'s may use his/her name), business webpage link through URL - in front it shows as Visit Us, Product Description, Product Pictures. no Personal Information without business telephone no and fax no we are publishing. We kept person’s name and email address inactive; we gave them Username option to promote themselves more friendly way.



Keeping information:


We keeping Personal, Organizations and Products description with safely, but not keeping any card information or transaction details; for the transaction we are using third party tools as pay pal. so any unauthorized transaction we have no liability for that. We do not sale, trade, exchange any personal information to other, and only use our customer contacts, contact with them with our better offers. Other point of view spams, viral activity, lickege, posting fault have no liability.



Change Rules and Regulation:


We have to change online publishing and posting rules to maintaining the country rules, updated rules, our update offers, internal change. All users and visitors have to agree with privacy-policy and terms and condition with the current updated version.

Any data loss, payment hazards’, agents or representatives negligence or their personal accident ads atlas has no liability for the post. Any illegal activity which may break country law, ads atlas terms and condition, privacy-policy, posting rules, third party or other people data use we will inactive the users account or delete it and we have no responsibility for that. Any types of illegal activity as a user or visitor please inform us to build up the network friendlier.


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